Tuesday, May 10, 2005


15th and final undergrad POST

Crazy week. Amy Dalbon called me Sunday night to tell me there was going to be a job opening in Zanesville at WHIZ in the Sports Department. This would be the perfect size market for me to break into. I delayed working on it a couple days (STUPID) but finally I left a message with their Media Operations Manager on Wednesday night. I drove down to Zanesville (yea I know... it took me like 3 hrs) Thursday afternoon to drop off my tape and materials. It was a long trip but I hope that now they know I'm real serious about this job, I would be the perfect hire for them because Zanesville is a lot like Lawrence County, a small college and very important high school sports...basically what I've covered for the past 3 years. I also spoke to Josh Reed the new Sports Director in Hagerstown about the opening in his Sports Department. Bob Hannon (who he worked with at WYTV before moving to Hagerstown) gave him my tape so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I called and asked If I should send my stuff in (resume, references, cover letter) and he said to call back in a week and he'll let me know if I need to send stuff in. I figure if he tells me I do then I should have a decent shot at getting called in for an interview, and that's all I need. 2 promising leads... I HOPE!

Post 14

What a busy week this one was. The Broadcast festival went well, I thought all the presentations were pretty entertaining. I had a lot of friends and faculty come out for mine, which was very flattering. Coach Scott and Coach Dafler both made it and it was very thoughtful of them to set aside some time (I made it worthwhile for Coach Scott when I played the last 30 seconds of my call from the Dickinson game). I didn't prepare as much as I should have, and I had to run around a little bit last minute but everything went ok. Then I got interviewed on the radio for our live remote (it was so weird to be on the other side of the questioning). The final County line was also this week. We had 3 packages in sports, 1 of which was my piece on the Lawrence County Sports Hall of Fame's annual inductions. It was a very classy event, and It made me feel weird that I personally knew half the people in the room. Ron Galbreath, Terry Verelli, Don Nogay Sr. the list goes on and on... I guess I've come to know Lawrence County sports pretty well.

Post 13

1 more week down and 1 more week left of the County Line. Justin and I are gonna co-host the last couple shows I think, in an attempt to make the transition smoother for the viewing public. I am definately going to miss TitanTown Sports, but I do feel like I've left my mark and I'm hoping that they keep the segment name because it'd be nice to come back in 5-10 years and say "I started that". I pretty much cover the internet looking for jobs, but I realize something. If you send out tapes blindly you have a 1:50 or 1:75 chance of getting hooked up. Making a contact at the station is so key. I'm realizing another thing too, my strengths are in reporting, anchoring, shooting, editing not so much in the being persistent and calling people like twice a day. That has to change if I wanna find a job.

Post 12

I actually did some stuff this week. I went to visit Bob Hannon the Sports Director over at WYTV. He took a look at my tape along with his 2-guy Bill Castrovince. They both seemed to like it and it gave me a lot more confidence to shop it around. I feel like I finally have a final product that I can send out there. There are so many job banks that I feel stupid signing up for one that pays, but TV Jobs.com seems to have a lot of good information and jobs. For now I'm logging in as a guest, which only gives me limited access, but enough to find some of the jobs. I've applied for jobs in places such as Lincoln, Nebraska and Lufkin, Texas... so I'll go both far and small. Only a couple more County Lines before Justin officially takes my job, I know I'm going to miss it. Our final week looks like its going to be packed. On a side note, Bob Hannon has been totally helpful. Right after he watched my tape he immidiately got on the phone with Ryan Allison (the new Sports Director at WKBN) to talk me up. Seems like KBN has already decided on what they want, which is fine I'll just have to keep looking. He also told me about a potential job opening in Hagerstown, MD where I would be a 3 -guy which would be perfect since Hagerstown is almost right in the middle of Westminster and Bethesda.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Week 11

Another week down as we close in on graduation. I had the opportunity to cover an awesome story on Saturday. It was an adult dodgeball tournament between businesses from New Castle and Neshannock with the proceeds going to charity. The atmosphere was so intense as the weekend warriors went after glory one last time. I can't wait to put it together later this week, it should turn out as one of my better stories. My goal for my resume tape will be late Sunday night so that I can send it out Monday for the WKBN job. I also applied for a position at ESPN as an associate producer. Ill keep working on my contacts as the week progresses.

I dont have the link, but there was an article on the fron page of the New York Times about XM radio and how big it is, hopefully that means more jobs.

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